Chasing Illusions

He wants to look rich when he’s not rich
He flaunts an expensive phone and a Gucci belt
He drives a borrowed Mercedes and shows off to his customers
He pretends he has it all but he knows he’s in debt

He wants to seem wise when he’s not wise
He quotes from books he never read
He acts like he knows everything but he’s always misled
He tries to impress others but he ends up being despised

He wants to appear to have a happy family when he doesn’t
He posts pictures of his wife and kids on social media
He smiles and hugs them but he feels no love or joy
He lies to himself and to them but he can’t hide his misery

He wants to look rich, he wants to seem wise
He wants to appear happy, but he’s living a lie
He’s chasing illusions, he’s losing his mind
He’s wasting his life, he’s running out of time

Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental. The image and text were generated by AI.

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