I’m so sorry, mum

I’m so sorry, mum
For leaving you alone
I know you always loved me
But I had to go

I’m so sorry, mum
For breaking your heart
I know you always wanted me
To be happy and smart

I’m so sorry, mom
For not saying goodbye
I know you always waited for me
To come home at night

I’m so sorry, mum
For making you cry
I know you always prayed for me
To be safe and alive

But mom, please don’t blame yourself
It’s not your fault at all
You did everything you could
To raise me well and strong

But mum, please don’t be sad
It’s not the end of all
You still have a lot to live for
And I’ll always be in your soul

“I’m so sorry, mom” – Lyrics and music © Lucky Old Sun, 2004.
Released on Kiti / ARTUNION (Japan)

LUCKY OLD SUN (ラッキーオールドサン) is a japanese duo made up of singer-songwriters Shinohara Yoshiaki and Nana. They live in Kyoto together and perform to this day.

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